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SOS:Distress Chat from a Nigerian victim of modern slavery in Oman


Victim:Gudmorning sir\ma


V:My name is X From akwa ibom

V:I am in oman I work in oman As a maid

V:I can’t come back home My boss has seized my passport I was ask to pay some money
M:Can’t you reach out to people at home?

V:There is no money,And I never knew the agent collected money from them
They have no money (her parents she means)
I was sold for salvery
My family are not rich
Wen I came here I still had to pay money,
Now this people are asking for money I knew nth abut
It up to one month now ,have been kept in a particular room

M:You have a thousand friends and have access to internet..why not raise an alarm
Or should I publish this anonymously?

V:I have my ticket money..I spoke to nap office..Nigerian embassy is not here
Me:What is nap office

V:They are in charge of human trafficking
V:They are in that country?

V:In nigeria
M:So how did you speak to them and who did you speak to?

V:It was someone that spoke to them on my behalf
M:Best thing I can do is to make this public without your name

V:Pls sir I don’t want my name
There are lot of Nigerians here
They see Africans as sex object
Me”Scroll up..what else do you want me to remove.

V:It was mr A L A, ur Frnd on Facebook
That ask me to talk to u

V:I don’t want to do again,no food ,nth
I just want to go home making it public

V:Sir pls don’t put my name
M:Check my wall..your name is not there

V:Thank u sir,Sir am really grateful

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An angry Nigerian female slave in Oman sent this clip through a small chain to me..prelude to her being raped every night. Unfortunately either Buhari's team does not care …but Nigerian girls are sold unknowingly into slavery in Oman. These girls want to come home… But they can't without strong government support to confront the authorities in Oman.if you know any reliable person in the agency against human trafficking..please inbox meRead more here

Posted by Benjamin Amaechi on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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