Don’t meddle in Osun guber election, progressives tell Dangote

Africa’s richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote has been asked not to meddle in the September 22 governorship election in Osun State by giving financial support to a candidate.

A group of progressives in the state known as Omoluabi United also asked the business mogul to openly declare his stand in the election in a full page statement published in a national daily on Wednesday.

The group pleaded with Dangote not to use his wealth to confer undue advantage on Senator Ademola Adeleke to win the election.

Senator Adeleke who is the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the election is said to enjoy the backing and financial support of Dangote for the top job.

Omoluabi United identified a video which has gone viral in the social media, asserting Dangote’s financial support for Senator Adeleke, as its justification to ask the business mogul to publicly make his stand known in the September 22 election.

”There is a video doing the rounds asserting that you have already taken a stand in the stakes of Osun State. https://youtu.be/pba08crDZWo.

”Yes, you may not cast a ballot, but even the very news, real or fake, of your support for him would give him an undeserved advantage and rob other more credible candidates of a level playing field.

”Please, let us know: Are you standing with the cause of four (4) million Omoluabi of Osun or not?,” the group asked.

While expressing excitement at Dangote’s interest in Osun State, Omoluabi United begged Dangote not to elevate the wrong values, by association in Osun State.

”Given our shared preference for stellar values, we are horrified to hear in the news making the rounds in our state that a fellow boasts of how he would deploy your money to buy the electorate of Osun. True to his character, he brags not of his own money but to utilise the funds Alhaji Dangote earned from customers in Osun State and others in Nigeria to from his enterprise and apply it to unwholesome ends.

”Please, do not elevate the wrong values, by association, in Osun State. Do not do to Osun State what you would not wish on Kano State or any progressive geographical space in Nigeria. Or on any of the companies under the Dangote Group.

”You would not hire to run any part of Dangote Group a character without the necessary school certificate, a waffler, a fellow with no record of any personal attainment in any of life’s undertakings.

”Some people who know what they are aiming for have propped him up as a stooge to clinch for themselves the position of the First Citizen of Osun State to milk the resources of the state. Even to the point of successfully defending him on the case of certificate irregularity. The court agreed on the spuriousness of the useless document, but yet on the point of ”technicality” retained him as the stooge (and pretender) to aspire to the Office of the Governor of Osun! It baffles us how, or instead, why you would support such a character for such a position of responsibility on which hangs the fate of over four million people?,” the group stated


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