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It made the call in a statement signed by the Principal Secretary to Governor David Umahi, Clement Nweke.

The statement accussed Mr Ogbu of spreading false information accusing the governor of endorsing Ccattle colony in the state during a security meeting.

Explaining further what transpired, Mr Nweke said that at no time during the meeting did Umahi endorse or order the setting up of cattle colony for herdsmen in the state.

“It will be noted that in the first week of February, 2018, State Government called meeting of traditional rulers and herdsmen having received reports of destruction of farmlands by herdsmen in Ebonyi State”

“In the said meeting, government directed that there shall be no more movement of herdsmen with their cattles from one community to another community, village to another, or any cattle seen in any farmland across the state as such infringes on the rights of the farmers and destroys their only means of livelihood of which agriculture forms the main stay in the state”.

“It will be noted that Ebonyi State is gifted with abundant blessings from God in the areas of agriculture and solid minerals and anything that interferes with these will spell doom for the state especially as the nation moves towards true federalism and self-state determination”., Nweke said.

“Let it be known that what the state government did was not different from the monthly meeting of stakeholders especially farmers and herdsmen together with security agencies and in the said last meeting, no mention was made of any ranching, colony, grazing route or grazing reserve as wickedly and maliciously being speculated by Charles Ogbuand his cronies”

Mr Nweke said Ebonyi State cannot accommodate such wide wishes of ranching, grazing reserve, colony or whatever name as over 30 percent of her farmland has already been taken over by solid minerals exploration which is being controlled by the federal government.

“We have managed our affairs with the herdsmen in the state relatively peacefully and circulation of such wicked and malicious speculation in the name of politics is a sign of danger not only for Ebonyi State but the entire country”

The state government alleggedly that Mr ñ Charles Ogbu is acting the script of distraction on behalf of his party ñ, All Progressive Congress, APC, that is factionalized into five units with negligible followers in Ebonyi state.

“We therefore request the immediate arrest of Charles Ogbu and his backers to face the law of the state for spreading hate speeches and malicious misinformation through the social media”.

“The Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Ebonyi State had reacted to this misinformation before now but the same Charles Ogbu has continued to spread this wicked information through social media,hence the need to correct the impression”

“We have absolute confidence that the Vice President-NEC Committee and other committees of good spirited Nigerians will find a lasting and permanent solutions to this unfortunate clashes and bring the satanic agents of this country in the likes of Charles Ogbu to shame”

“Nigeria is passing through a lot of challenges now and it is advisable that we as leaders and citizens of this country don’t celebrate hate speeches and malicious distortion of facts as the attendant consequences could be very drastic and highly demanding on the good people of Nigeria”

“We plead that leaders and citizens will allow the various committees on herdsmen and farmers clashes the opportunity and time to amicably
resolve the crisis”.

“No amount of cow is worth the life of any herdsman or farmer as those animals are makings of man while man is the making of God. Let us respect the sanctity of human life no matter the provocation at all times.”

“Nigerian is on her path to reclaim all her lost glories of the past. Nigeria requires absolute patriotism to navigate through this turbulent waters and not unpatriotic stance like that of Charles Ogbu”

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