Economic Federalism = Economic Biafra



IImageof the biblical Joshua Son of Nun who completed the Job of Moses


So igbos in USA  are asking for IPOB  bank account details… Issorite…so they can make voluntary donations to affected families etc … That means also if they are convinced of transparency and effective management.. They will release funds for the economic development of the same “biafra”.

If you add this to what the locals will contribute …. The last time I did this complex calculation.. The lowest point was N15b per month while the highest point will be in the region of N29b/month.

But will kanu make a shift.?. I doubt it.   He still wants political independence… And we badly need his popularity. So we have to wait for our own Joshua the Son of Nun… To complete the journey that Moses started.

(Artist impression of modern  day red sea crossing)




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