EFCC begins operation cyber storm to tackle Yahoo boys

As Christmas season takes full effect, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has launched total war on online fraudsters popularly known as ‘Yahoo Boys,’.

The operation, code-named ‘Cyber Storm,’ will involve EFCC operatives monitoring suspicious transactions especially by youths who could not explain their sources of wealth.

The commission will also deploy its agents in night clubs and concerts where youths usually go to “pop” expensive champagnes.

The anti-graft agency will also be monitoring social media accounts of suspected fraudsters who usually show off their expensive cars and houses.

As part of the operation, EFCC has already arrested over 50 suspected online fraudsters in the last 10 days in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Ibadan.

An EFCC operative said, “We have declared a total war on Yahoo boys who have done nothing but give Nigeria a bad name at home and abroad. We know their methods of operation. Be assured that in the coming days, we will make more arrests. But those who live honest lives will not be touched.”

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