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El-Zakzaky, Police/Shi’a Clashes: A word of Caution, by Hassan Gimba

Following the very bloody clash that followed this infraction, members of the movement, contrary to expectations from the general public and even the government and its security agencies, did not take matters into their hands. Rather, they toed the path of law and order and respect for the constitution and constituted authority by going to court to challenge their arrest and incarceration. One of the accusations or allegations against them is that they do not recognize the constitution, constituted authority nor respect the laws of the land.


El-Zakzaky and his wife were granted bail in December 2016 by a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja. Justice Gabriel Kolawole, who presided over the court, ordered the immediate and unconditional release of el-Zakzaky and his wife. The judge also fined the federal government N50 million for their incarceration and ordered that a house be built for him in a town of his choice anywhere in Nigeria.

The government, who should show Nigerians, through its actions, that court orders are meant to be obeyed, has rather committed the same offence it was accusing the Shi’as – not obeying constituted authority and an arm of the same government. It is now getting to a year and a half.

El-Zakzaky, Police/Shi’a Clashes: A word of Caution, by Hassan Gimba     

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