#EndSARS And The 2023 Conspiracy : How The Northern Cabal May Bring Tinubu Down Without Redemption

As normalcy gradually returns to the Nation after over three weeks of civil unrest that threatened the foundation and unity of the country, political pundits are beginning to count the scores and collateral damages incurred during the bitter face-off between the Government and the PEOPLE.

No doubt every political activity as we speak is geared towards the 2023 presidency. The power tussle is so intense and fierce and would conflagrate endlessly till the BATTLE is finally over in 2023.

Before the sudden #EndSARS brouhaha there was a Grand Northern Conspiracy to retain the Presidency to balance the power equivalence.

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This is the power equation from 1999 – 2023.

Obasanjo – 8yrs – South
Yar’Adua – 2yrs – North
Jonathan – 6yrs – South
Buhari – 8yrs – North.

Now, the North feels the South is ahead with a tenure of four(4) years.

So many other theories have been brought forward to justify the retention of power in the North, logical as these theories may sound it all points to one direction ….retain the Presidency come 2023.

Take note, when it comes to a regional conspiracy be rest assured that whoever the crown falls on does not matter and whichever platform is used to achieve the aim does not still matter.

A recent glimpse at the Edo September 19th election exposed how the people can seamlessly switch from one party to the other just to achieve their desires.

It takes nothing from them if you like shout from now till next year, the two parties PDP and APC are seen by the people as the same more like 5 and 6 or better still DUMB and DUMBER they are inseparable.

In local parlance we take am talk say the “Snake WEY bite APC na take d SAME Tail flog PDP.”

Having said all these there is the palpable fear of a backlash and resistance from the South.

So who are the forces that can quench the rebellion in the South and how can they be stopped?

Political battles must have a passionate warlord who is ready to either lead the troop to battle or encourage the troop by boosting their morales in other ways.

“Na these people dey ginger any movement” cut the fuse and you are halfway defeating the enemy.

Adams Oshiomhole became the first casualty of the power tussle, having a passionate and attacking striker like Adams Oshiomhole as the National Chairman of APC was the first obstacle to cross by the Northern cabal.

With Oshiomhole out of the way the next two likely contenders that would ordinarily pose a threat to the northern agenda happens to be the Vice-President, Prof Osinbajo and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Osinbajo would be the last battle to be crossed by the cabal before they advance to their next level of preparation.

Like earlier stated if you can cut the fuse from the source the river flows through then Osinbajo would be a small fry to deal with when finally they get to the BRIDGE.

Tinubu’s economical strength was already weakened at the Federal level before the end #EndSARS brouhaha which sadly targeted his local economic empire.

The #EndSARS protest was a ready tool to be used by the propagators of the Northern Agenda to finally bring down the Jagaban.

Agreed Lagosians may have advanced some reasons to justify the ferocious attack on Tinubu’s perceived interest but then it smacks off a grand conspiracy against his economic empire by a fifth columnist.

Let me give you an illustration, during the #EndSARS protest we noticed that people were against APC because of Buhari’s tight economic rule.

They were ready to vent their anger on anyone that had a hand in the emergence of GMB. That seems to be the only offence of Tinubu at least on the face value.

So what again was Tinubu’s offence that warranted the destruction of his alleged economic interest?

Now ask yourself how many other people were attacked in such a manner in Lagos State? Or even any other State across the country.

Lagos is not only home to Tinubu’s alleged investments, so many other top-notch politicians who played major roles in Buhari’s emergence still have a huge business interest in Lagos.

Not only was the attack formidable on ground the online defamation of Tinubu’s character was even worse off.

If the truth must be told Tinubu has the structure to truncate the northern agenda under the APC.

This is where the battle becomes intriguing, the cabal would knock the engine of the APC and proceed to the nearest platform to actualize their agenda.

The Northern Cabal would key into the anti-Godfatherism mantra and liquidate what is left of Tinubu and then finally give Osinbajo LEG OVER all in a bid to actualize the Northern Agenda.

Tinubu has good control of some cabinet members with a considerable amount of Federal Legislators and of-course the backing of some State Governors.

Without Tinubu playing a major role in the conspiracy then it would be a hard sell under the APC for the North to retain the presidency.

“He Who Controls the Narrative Controls the People”.

It is not yet over for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as long as Lagos State is still very much an APC State. Lagos happens to be a pacesetter State in Nigeria and with concerted efforts made to change the narrative Tinubu may spring up better and larger than before.

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Tinubu would need to align with the agitations of the youths and think of a better way to relate with Lagos youths aside the TOGA of NURTW.

Lagos State may need to work extra hard to meet the yearnings of the people and set the State as a template for development.

Politically Tinubu may need to start investing in fresh youthful political leaders that are ready to serve the people.

If Tinubu can be able to spin the narratives against his personality to Lagosians then he’s good to go for the battle ahead.

It would be a fierce battle of ATTACKS and COUNTER Attacks as this is just a preamble of what to expect as we fast approach the 2023 Presidency.

Least I forget a third force is set to birth post #EndSARS SAGA. This force would be centred around the youths.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Abuja.

Source iReporteronline.

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