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Another unfortunate gentleman ; a lawyer and a Knight of the Holy Church, falls victim to a generations old scam. The scam of Male virility as proof of manhood and masculinity. A few years ago , another lawyer who was the Hon Commissioner for Information to Oshiomole , the then Edo State governor , succumbed to the same scam. He had taken some young bimbo from the nearby University of Benin to a resort in the same town. He had prior, informed his wife and family of his travel for the weekend on a State Assignment with “His Excellency”. This is normal amongst Staff of top notch political types and since his return will usually herald more cash for the family, the madam will pray for him and wish him well .

His body was found by Staff the following morning and the hapless lady was traced to her bunk in the University where she had fled to after she discovered that the poor fellow had given up the ghost enjoying his best pleasures albeit illicitly.

About the same time , some US based big man with a holiday home in Parkview Ikoyi lagos , flew into town for a tryst with two Igbinedion University teenagers. They rode him to his death or the enhancers he took (he was in his 60s too) pumped his weak heart so fast that it gave up. His wife came to Lions Building to see the innocent girls and of course , his corpse was taken to Ala Igbo and the girls released to await the next victim.

In my community , a gentleman was made the chairman of the Harvest Committee some years back. He had a lady friend who had left her husband and children and set up a nest in Eziala Nguru. While Mass was going on, this man drove off from church to the ladys place after making the initial announcement about the years harvest. The Mass was still on when word came summoning his wife as he was rushed to the hospital. He was of course, dead. Those who got there first managed to put his trousers and shirt on his body to cover his shame , before taking his body to the hospital.

There is absolutely nothing a man can do to conquer , ravish, vandalize or finish a full grown woman. Do not believe any stories of such conquest s. It is a con . One of the oldest and the victim is the man. I am not sure who created the con: women intent on fooling men from generation to generation, or men fooling themselves to hide flagging virility as they age, or the Pharmaceutical companies marketing all sorts of dangerous snake oil that is supposed to turn an old or sick man into a raving stallion. The man is the looser. He will loose his money to the lady, his dignity (that’s rubbish anyway) and his life like the poor lawyer in Agbor.

I once ran into a Nigerian lady in Amsterdam who confessed to me that she must sleep with a minimum of 50 men a day to cover her costs and make money for her madam and herself in her chosen profession. Do you remember a 19 year old Nigerian female Student who was nabbed with drugs going back to her USA base some years ago. Her full picture made the front page of This Day Newspaper and also prominently displayed was the mould of drug she inserted into her vagina and was walking comfortably all over the airport before she was fingered and arrested. 19 ! She comes and goes very regularly and this was not the first time she was doing the business . The point is the size of the wrap. No dick can be that big and firm and she swallowed it and was strolling around to boot.

A friend told me how , while they were in college,they will bring in One girl 5 or 6 of them will sleep with her (with her consent of course ). They will all be exhausted and she will still be rearing to go .

Don’t kill yourselves guys. Do the little you can . At your age you cannot be performing to win an olympic medal or a National Honour. Avoid these drugs . You have nothing to prove to anyone. Do not come and Kill yourself.


Men will tell you that they are polygamous in nature.

Who are the people who take sex enhancers the most? Men! Because naturally, they are NOT capable of f****g as much as they claim.

Who are the people who die while having sex? Men! Because their hearts and biological makeup are NOT naturally built for such amount of sex.

I have never heard or read that a woman died while having sex. Maybe it has happened, I just haven’t heard of one case.

Even women that are continuously raped by several men survive the ordeal… except those that were killed after being raped. But sex itself; too much sex seldom kills a woman. It is men who are more prone to die of too much sex.

A woman can take several penises a day and chest it, walk out like a boss or at worst with a bow leg. But a man? Over 45? That can pass as attempted suicide or straight-up direct suicide mission.

But these same men claim to be polygamous in nature. That’s why many of them die of heart attacks with fully erected penises.

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