Every Country’s well-being which is a product of good governance can not be divorced from her Educated and Skilled populace./Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson



Every Country’s well-being which is a product of good governance can not be divorced from her Educated and Skilled populace.

Don’t you believe Nigerians seem to be demanding for Soup which does not come from the ingredients? That we parade huge population of uneducated & semi-educated Citizens with the largest population of out of School children in Africa seemed to be @the justification why our Political leadership selection process is marred with error that snowballs into Poor administrators and weak managers. To properly govern any Nation towards a prosperous economic outcome, one must have two basic skills; the ability to manage Human Capital and Economic Resources properly.

We both shall agree here, every Country consist of People and resources. When properly managed, her citizens would be led into prosperity naturally.

It is long overdue we jettison the narrative of economic hardships caused by xyz to look in-between, ‘what informs our decisions making and the objectives of such decisions’.

When we walk back a bit into the post World War II, Japan and Germany, countries with no known natural resources but saddled with huge economic problems, were able to proffer economic policies which in turn led these two Nations into becoming Global economic power house for many decades.

Some of us lose faith in Nigeria by the day when we look at our leadership decisions processes. It seemed wired to breed poverty, death and destruction as it shows on many Nigerian communities today.

Fellow countrymen, Administrators of our collective Resources and quality leadership is no rocket science, rather it is purely Managment responsibility.

This is the very reason most firms and cooperations would demand the Curriculum Vitae of a potential employee in order to evaluate the candidate’s past output to forecast what he possibly stands to deliver to the stakeholders and claimants in the industry he or she seeks to work.

Without prejudice nor bias, Nigerians should review her leadership selection process. Seek to understand, X-ray and expose the would be leaders curriculum Vitae in order to know what we should expect.

Nigerians urgently need good and well seasoned Administrators and managers of human capital and resources to fill her political leadership space.

However, if we abandon this responsibility on the laps of folks who are poorly informed and lack seasoned management evaluation capacity , then we have no right to complain when their evaluation continue on the recurring decimal of Ethnicity and religion. To continue to select leaders based on this poor vasriables would continue to harm us. More so when these poor leaders seek to occupy this leadership task with little or no training. They demand we accord them dues meant for well informed Leaders not minding their weak destructive result which threatens our collective future. These Siamese considerations would keep us killing each other, plundering our little resources and expanding the citizens poverty mutually.

We have to urgently arrest this decline to enable us reposition Nigeria and Nigerians towards the part of Prosperity and greatness. We all have a part to play here. Come 2019 election, do not just get your PVC but encourage friends and relations to do so. Implore them to join a political party with you and participate in carving out our collective future. Where you fail to get involved, please don’t complain when leadership fails to deliver your desired goals.- Godwin NdidiAmaka ROBINSON


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