Exemption certificate allegedly issued to Adeosun fake – Ex-NYSC director

A former Director of Mobilisation at the National Youth Service Corps, Anthony Ani, says the certificate of exemption purportedly issued by the NYSC to the Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, is fake.

He said , “The NYSC cannot issue that kind of certificate . Yes , the one reported by Premium Times. We could not have issued that type . ”
The former NYSC director , who was in charge of deployment of corps members , said Brig. Gen. M . I Tsiga was the Director – General of the NYSC in September 2009 but curiously , it was Brig . Gen. Yusuf Bomoi , who purportedly signed the one belonging to the minister .
Ani added, “The certificate that I saw , that one that I saw if it is the one that they are talking about , the one I saw online, it was not issued by NYSC. I don ’ t know who issued it. It was not issued by NYSC because what I saw there, the signatory to that certificate was our DG (Gen. Bomoi) who left in January and Gen. Tsiga took over from Gen Bomoi.
“ Tsiga was a sitting DG even as of that September 2009 . So , I don ’ t know where her certificate came from but NYSC cannot make that kind of mistake . The NYSC that I served, I know can never make that kind of mistake . ”