Failed Governor announces Obasanjos Coalition For Nigeria date on January 31,2018

A political movement promoted by former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo, Coalition for Nigeria is due to launch January, 31.

The movement is currently being coordinated by a former governor of Osun State, Olagunsoye Oyinlola.

Mr. Oyinlola is a longstanding associate of the former Nigerian leader.

However, to manage possible ripples that may arise in the process of establishing leadership structures, the movement has opted to appoint what it calls “spokesperson” at all levels.

“Mr. Oyinlola is now acting as the national spokesman; such roles would be appointed at all levels, including state, senatorial zones, down to ward level,” said a source close to the secretariat.

The movement is expected to be unveiled at an undisclosed location in Abuja.
The former president had, on Tuesday, issued a scathing public commentary on the Buhari administration, advising the president to take a “deserved rest” and urging Nigerians to vote him out should Mr. Buhari insist on running.

Mr. Obasanjo advocated the establishment of a movement he called Coalition for Nigeria, to offer a new leadership for the country.

He said the two major parties; the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are unfit to provide leadership.

The former president had spent about three months consulting with political leaders in the country for his elaborate plan for the movement.

Many of those consulted by Mr. Obasanjo are said to have signed in for the idea.

PREMIUM TIMES has learnt that at least seven governors and scores of lawmakers have agreed to pull into the coalition.

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