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FCDA Demolishes Orphanage…Leaving Children Homeless? / Dr James King

I was observing a short break from facebook until I saw this photo of abandoned orphans from an alleged government demolished orphanage in The Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria..

I think whoever is responsible for this needs to be punished if this story is true.

Lazarus Obinna reports that…”Yesterday the Federal Capital Development Authority demolished an orphanage home in the kubwa area of Abuja without warrant or court order. The whole building was raised down leaving over a 100 children homeless. The name of the orphanage is Divine Wounds Orphanage Home Near Liberty Hotel Opposite NSITF Arab Road Kubwa Abuja.”

Some of us can not sit just still and watch this happen to weak and vulnerable children.

I will not be surprised if those kids are left in hunger too. Such heartlessness.

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