FG urged to allow complete private sector participation in the power sector { And this has been a no go area for years/BA}

Some stakeholders on Thursday urged the Federal Government to allow private investors’ full operation of the power sector in order to boost efficiency and enhance economic growth. The stakeholders made the suggestion in separate interviews with the NAN in Lagos against the backdrop of the enormous challenges confronting the country’s power sector.
Mr Adekunle Sofunde, Chairman, Solatek Engineering Ltd, urged the government to hands-off the operations of the power sector to private investors for a more business competitive drive. Shofunde said that such would a decision would allow Nigeria’s power sector to compete favourably with other countries.

He said that the government should only regulate and not be involved in running power operations, adding that the sector could perform better if solely managed by the private sector. According to him, it is disappointing that an economy of over 190 million generates less than 10,000mw and distributes even less.


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