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Fighting Freedom Of Speech is Counterproductive: Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson

If the media monitoring is to systematically send fright in the minds of the Citizens, I would advise Oga, such a mood would be counter productive.
It would be better you concentrate on equity, fairness, collective National interest or good governance. Such is a cheaper and affordable venture, rather than the former.
I don’t want to accept that the Illusion of power also drives away reality or could have a way of polluting a sincere clinical report with falsehood even when such reports seems glaring.
The reality on ground we all know, ‘you can’t shrink Nigerians democratic gains.
You can’t take the Citizens back into the 80s’ with its ugly experiences.
The people have gotten more and easy access to each other, every Nigerian village, States and Local governments.
Almost at the speed of light, we could go into each other, these places and come out with happenings in those area.
The new world facility management demands transparency at all cost.
REPUTATION and it’s sincere model has become the crave of every leader, since it can be lost in a second with devastating consequences.
The whole citizenry who constantly seats in the court of public opinion and judgments dish out their minds without fear nor favour but ruthless.
Call it regulation, gagging etc.. Every good heart who loves you like I do, would advise you to concentrate on equitable governance and see what you could do to redeem your image which has been tainted in Ethno-Religious mess.
In all honesty, my question still remains, ‘in all the governance decision you made and appointments, did you sincerely have in mind the complete interest of the over 170million citizens, over 350 ethnic groups, 36 states, multi religious outlook?
Are all the lopsided episodes good enough to offer you another four years?

If your answer represents an opinion which shows you never cared of any second term,then you have to properly evaluate your final destination come 2019.- Godwin NdidiAmaka ROBINSON GNR

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