Flood wrecks havoc in Kogi

“This morning Sarikin Noma was completely flooded and the community is completely cut off from Lokoja and at the Nataco junction of the Abuja-Lokoja federal high way one lane was completely over ran. Within the urban centers, Yagba East this morning was reported to have been flooded.

She explained that government had already set up camps in various parts of the town where affected people would be catered for

Oshikoya said, “We have things on ground, we are trying to prepare the places that we had earlier earmarked for refuge situation

We have also notified our colleagues at NEMA hoping that we can get all the help that we anticipated before now. It is important to note that by the 14th of August NEMA conducted a joint assessment with Kogi State Government and we have gone to all those sites for immediate relief as soon as we can have because the state resources are far stretched and at this point the people need the comfort of a refugee camp for them to be able to move otherwise some of them cannot move.

“Putting those camps there require a lot of logistics because if you take people to a camp you have to provide food for them, beddings because the ones they have are soaked as in many places half the building have been submerged and people don’t have where to live, how do you guarantee safe water and other requirements like the foodstuffs. So we need to have a lot of support at this point beyond what the state can provide.

“We are call all well-meaning individuals, corporate and the federal government and members of the society that this is just the beginning of Kogi flood season so we envisage a lot more as the rains continue. So we do hope it doesn’t get as bad as 2012 but the state needs help being one of the low income States as the resources are overstretched”.

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