Footballer kills mum, sleeps with aunt, sister

A French footballer has shocked the world with a series of bizarre claims – saying he had sex with his aunt and sister, and his mum was killed in a “spiritual sacrifice”.

In video footage released online, Shiva N’Zigou, previously of French club Nantes, claimed his mother was killed in a “spiritual sacrifice” to further his footballing career. He also claimed he was also five years older – aged 39 – than it was thought,

claiming his parents changed the D.O.B. on his birth certificate. Shiva goes on to claim he has had a number of homosexual affairs and incestuous relationships with both his aunt and his sister. He said: “I had [sexual] relations with my aunt.

“These relations happened again with my sister. I slept with my sister. “I slept with a man. And I had another long-term relationship also with a man.” Shiva played for multiple football clubs, including French FC Nantes, and rounded off his career in 2016.

The player partook in 24 matches as part of the national Gabonese squad from 2000 to 2008, netting five goals. Shiva is said to be the youngest player in the AFCON, reportedly making his debut at the age of 16.

N’Zigou played for multiple football clubs, including French FC Nantes, and rounded off his career in 2016. The player partook in 24 matches as part of the national Gabonese squad from 2000 to 2008, netting five goals.

N’Zigou is believed to have been the youngest player in the African Cup championship, reportedly making his debut at the age of 16.


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