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Foreign observers will self-fund 2019 election

The chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Yakubu Mahmud has explained that foreign observers for the 2019 general elections would fund their activities, but would be provided with kits.

He made this known in Abuja on Friday. That the commission had no prepared budgetary allocation for international observers coming to monitor the elections.

“I have had this question that we have prepared budget for international observers, there is no such thing. There is no line in the budget for international observers.”

“What we have provided for are the kits, you know the jackets, caps, publication, that we give to international observers, the stickers that are fixed on their cars to be identified on Election Day.”

“This is the standard practice. Each country that organises elections provides these facilities for those who monitor elections.”

“But their accommodation, transportation will be borne by various election monitoring groups and not by the Nigerian government.’’


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