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Free Segun Onibiyo :We were with Segun. He was strong in spirit/Jerry D Ishaya

A Response
Mike Odeholonta

Segun Onibiyo vs El Rufai .

In the morning at about 9:20 am , I arrived at court 9 to see many youths whom I have known for over 6-7 years, and they all came in respect of Segun’s trial .
What initially turned out to a handful of friends grew to a huge mass of angry people .
Danjuma Bello Sarki , Jerry Ishaya , Sophie Umar , Dan Musa , Isaiah Iya and many others .
The PDP Governorship Candidate in Kaduna sent in a team of lawyers led by Barr.Lamidi and Anne to defend SMG
.Before , I left the court premises , someone called in to say Shehu Sani’s lawyers were on their way to the court to defend the accused
I would therefore say that Segun would be well defended .

Segun was arraigned in a state magistrate court on counts on incitement , defamation of character and spewing falsehood against the Governor of Kaduna State on his Facebook page .
It was alleged that he wrote that the Governor converted a mainly Christian Chiefdom to an Emirate and some other sundry allegations about the Agwon Adara were also added .
The presiding judge declined to hear the case and adjourned the case to December 16 .
Therefore the bail hearing too had to be declined .

However , the lead attorney to Segun vowed to head to a Federal High Court for a speedy hearing of the case .

On a personal note , SMG was in high spirit ,look unruffled and definitely defiant .
He threw a big smile when he saw us walking into the court room , that prompted the judge to order us out …
Saying his court is not a market
place .
The initial story we got that SMG was handcuffed turned out to be untrue .He did not look as if he was maltreated or tortured but I wouldnt know beyond what I saw in the court .

However , I felt that the court ought to have granted him bail , but then ,it is a state court and would probably do the bidding of the executive .
Besides , what he was accused of ,the accuser had in the past done worst .
I also felt that El Rufai is bent on using his powers to crush dissenting voices .
Adebayo Lion Ogorry
Ade Primus-InterperesAde Primus-InterperesAde Primus-Interperes
Anthony Odiraa Felix
Phemmy Babatunde
Chijioke Onah
Onah Ifesinachi
A response

They know that they cannot charge him for a so called “Hate Speech”. That would be preposterous as there’s no such Law in Nigeria so they are now Charging him for Inciting Disturbance, deformation of character and Injurious falsehood. I dey laugh ooo!
Meanwhile, Charging him for Inciting Disturbance, deformation of character and Injurious falsehood are bailable Offences so What was the reason for denying him bail today?

Another response
Right now there is a pastor who is being detained for about a month for forwarding a whatsapp messages sent. In this case he is not the author.
Just detained him


Free Segun Onibiyo: Segun denied bail ,case Adjourned to 19th December

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