From the Achives 2016..Buhari policy is not only hurting those at home, it is stopping those abroad from sending money home

Zents Kunle Sowunmi updated his status.
September 6, 2016 at 8:24pm · New York, NY, United States ·
When the Chinese government asked President Buhari to stay away from US and diversify Nigeria foreign reserves to China, some us said it was wrong and it will destroy our economy, we were called names.

In 2013, $23 billion came from those in diaspora mostly from America the country Buhari wants to hurt with a stupid policy not China which contributed nothing to Nigerians bringing money from overseas.

In 2015 the inflow from hard working Nigerians in dispora went down to only $21 billion, in 2016 is even less than $10 billion from those in disapora, with the oil gone into the winds only those in Diaspora can bail Nigeria out since all our companies are closing down, how will Nigeria earn foreign exchange to increase the value of Naira?


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