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While in his car , Buhari sent some of his security men to go and snap pictures of the IPOB family and two of the security went forward as they were snapping IPOB pictures , the Buhari security was threatening the IPOB national Cordinator in Netherland they must deal with him any where in world they found him until the Netherland police came closer and ask them to stop snapping the protesters.

—The Directorate of State, DOS, Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, worldwide has declared 23rd September 2016 as the day for Biafrans worldwide to protest against the continued detention of its leader Nnamdi Kanu and for the freedom of Biafra people.
In a statement signed by its Media and Publicity Officer, Mr Emma Powerful, IPOB said the worldwide protest will take place in all the countries across the globe except in Biafra land and Nigeria where church services will be held in place of protest.
The statement read: “Every IPOB member and other Biafrans living in Nigeria and Biafra land will stay in their homes on that day. We also ask that all markets, schools, banks, transport companies and manufacturing companies to close on that day in solidarity with the overall objectives of the Biafra restoration process irrespective of your persuasion or affiliation.”


Without even sufficient notice…bad manners!!!!
I really hate to go back to this issue..when KANU was arrested I advised the government to return the boy back to UK.Now we are the cross roads..if you release the boy where do you release him to Nigeria or Biafra? If by chance he abandons biafran struggle ..can you secure his life out side the prisons?… How do you convince international finance companies that your country is stable when the biafran voice is more audible than yours all over the world capitals!! These is what happens when people treat government of persons with levity.


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