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A year ago Zainab Abba Haliru wrote this
Alfred, Tinubu might be selfish, but his gamble is paying off. He most certainly will “use the Hausas to climb to glory….he will not (sic) be scorched.” You know why? It is because the Hausas want power so badly that they are willing to pay any prize to get that power, even at the expense of their welbeing. Tinubu keyed into Awolowo’s opinion of the Hausas. You know what that opinion is? During one of his campaigns Awolowo declared that the Hausa man will agree to anything as long as he is deceived that he is the leader. Once you call him that, then you are allowed to be as corrupt as you chose, because he as the leader will look the other way.
The sad thing is that Buhari just proved Awolowo right. How a man of Buhari’s calibre and timber (lol) can stoop to the level of fraternising with the likes of Tinubu and Atiku is nerve racking. Like I have been shouting myself hoarse over and over again, Obj, IBB and the rest of them military thieves have prepared a place for Buhari in the dustbin of history where they have been for a while now. All Buhari needed to do to match these people at their own game would have been to endorse a person like Kwankwaso or Rochas or even Fashola. It is sad that with this new escapade of Buhari’s we have no heros left
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