From the archives 2016 : Balarabe Garba Yakubu said economic growth lies in agriculture and SMEs

Balarabe Garba Yakubu wrote
It perplexes me the way and manner in which GMB wants to run the economy. What we need urgently are policies to encourage our already growing SMEs and to give new ones the chance to come on board.
Open up the country positively so that as many youths as possible can be employed and there will be hope for others. I will keep making reference to the Aba Shoe Factory which today exports close to a million shoes to different parts of Africa.
That factory alone is responsible for the survival of thousands of families across the south east and other parts of the country.
The fascinating provinces of northern nigeria should be encouraged to revive their own old known tradition of farming. Some level of technology should be introduced into the farming system to give room for the establishment and development of some industries that are agriculturally incline. We can feed the entire west African sub- region if we are serious.
The government is wasting too much time on fighting corruption as if corruption is also responsible for the inability of the government officials to use their heads and think positively.

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