From the archives 2016 : Problems of Islam in Northern Nigeria…By Abdullahi Dahiru

The Muslim.dominated states of Northern Nigeria are the poorest and most backward in western education. They are the ones that have Almajiri scourge. They have the highest maternal and infant mortality. The various Muslim groups are not concerned with building schools or hospitals to develop their communities and help ameriorate the effect of these problems.
The Muslim groups are more concerned with sectarian differences, which Imam would lead prayers and even excommunicating other Muslims from Islam. People are more concerned with jumping to reprimand other Muslims for minor misdemeanor. Some are even happy for a tragedy or calamity to befall Muslims of a “rival” sect. Every sect is busy building its own mosque, sometimes Friday mosques are build within 200 meters from another mosque. It has reached a stage where Imams appointed by constituted authorities are challenged and their residences attacked.
Even though, various sects continue proselytizing to gather more followers, the society is drifting more into poverty, secterian crisis and ignorance.
I know some people would call me “hypocrite” for saying this. I am ready to answer the name……Abdullahi Dahiru
You see why I keep saying separate the state from religion.unfortunately in the north…. One dying religious crisis gives birth to another.. In every case wedded to politics

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