From the archives 2016 : We can’t lower the bar of governance because one of us is in charge./Gimba kanada

Gimba Kakanda wrote
The table has turned, and the irony is amusing. The offensive critics of yesterday are on the defensive now because of their reluctance to have a taste of their own medicine.

Isn’t it scary that the very Jonathan these sycophants once vilified and still do, is being cited as an example to justify Buhari’s fumbling? The truth is we can’t lower the bar of governance because one of us is in charge.

This government rode to power on promises to make a difference, yet the very nepotism and corruption and incompetence that have wrecked this country is being tolerated and justified. So, where’s the change promised?

Mid this year, the Presidency exonerated the Chief of Army from any corrupt practice over ownership of assets overseas. This was done without any formal investigation. We know this because, just about three days ago, the double-speaking Code of Conduct Bureau pledged to “invite” the Army boss for questioning. This is a man already declared innocent by the Presidency and various military organisations. And of course, our Minister of Interior got a presidential amnesty when he was named in arms procurement scandal.

The last litmus test for this government now will be its eventual response to this call for prosecution and removal of the SGF aka the Grass-Cutter. That a man mismanaged funds meant for our starving and forsaken IDPs and still enjoys the grace and luxury of his office is a joke even the doubting supporters of the President did not expect.

If Babachir David Lawal isn’t tried for his role in mismanagement of IDP fund, Buhari has completely lost his head and place as the morally conscious leader his cheerleaders say he is. You don’t need a healthy economy to carry out institutional reforms and supervisions. This ongoing horror frightens me

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