From the archives 2017: Abdullahi Dahiru on the cancelled film project in kano


Abdullahi Dahiru wrote
It is amazing that some people arrogate themselves the sole right of criticism. They can criticize the wife and children of prominent people and accuse them of indecent dressing. They can criticize any leader and accuse him of profligacy. They can criticize other Muslims regarding understanding of certain rituals and even call them uncharitable names.
When they attacked the proposed film village that led to the cancellation of the project, they were saying N3billion should have been invested in agriculture or education. They believe they are trying to correct societal ills and were mandated by Islam to correct wrongdoing when they see one.
But they cannot swallow the same bitter pill of criticism regarding building of “guest house” for use of the ulema. They are accusing whoever said the money should have been used for something better, as being motivated by mischief, hatred, envy and many other reasons. They would say “what concerns you with our guest house?”. They never remembered then the dress of the President’s wife, or the way an emirate council spend it’s money should not concern them.
Jama’atul Izalatul Bidia Wa Ikamatul Sunna is an organization that is not immune to criticism.

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