From the archives : Arthur Nzeribe on corruption

I listed 500 Nigerians who stole govt funds and nothing happened – Nzeribe.
“I tested the genuineness of Obasanjo’s resolve to fight the corruption by presenting to him the names of 500 Nigerians that stole beyond their want and he did nothing.
We have had leaders who paid lip-service to the war against corruption, and I think this can’t continue.
What I quarrel with EFCC and ICPC’s operation, is that these bodies are terribly incompetent, docile, compromised and almost as corrupt as the corruption they should fight.
I said 22 years ago that our country was losing at least US$10 million dollars daily through the activities of unscrupulous Nigerians through the connivance of some NNPC officials, but today it runs into hundreds of billions of dollars.
NNPC and PPPRA illegally deducted N100billion and N131billion last week, which lead to Revenue allocation members walking out their meeting in protest.
Since desperate problems need desperate solution, President Jonathan should wade in swiftly as we cannot continue in this way”. (courtesy – Sun)
This is why the deplorable road, hospitals, schools, blackouts, hunger is what is left to the common man, in the core of plenty
Via hope fie Nigeria group

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