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From The Archives Feb 12, 2105 : Cross Roads By Zainab Abba Haliru

Zainab Abba Haliru wrote
Benjamin, the only expectation Jonathan has not met is that of security. And that is the most important of all. The stealing of oil did not start under Jonathan. The only problem is that the Generals from the army do not get to do the stealing anymore. And the Americans do not get to call the shots anymore with that local content bill. Jonathan took the war to the oligarchs and he has to pay for it.
The Niger bridge is on going. The Igbo understand that there is no way the Hausa man will give them their dues that is why they would rather stick with Jonathan. The Hausas on the other hand are beginning to see that they are no longer the master in the game called Nigeria. The Yoruba are the new lords of Nigeria. As for the Igbo the quicker they understand that the Yoruba have an upper hand the sooner they will be called wise.
Nkem Olisa The rivalry between the yoruba and the igbos didn’t start today, both tribes have always viewed the other with suspicion, so its no big deal.
We need Economic development in the SE..not political power

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