From The Archives: Okada Riders Could be the landing platform of terrorism in SW/GNR

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90% Okada, driven on Lagos feeder roads are neither licencee nor registered with any of the Government agency.

While you are busy watching the Boko haram activities in the north east, however they have finally engaged the Federal government and Nigerians to struggle for the peace and soul of Federal capital terrorist.

Dont ask me if the southern Nigeria is already ripe, for the terrorist activity, despite high level educational penetration. But among all the Lagos state government should wake up to this threat. The state is highly exposed and the motorcyclist community in the state is a safe heaven already.

The terrorist are no spirits, they standby to take advantage of our collective weakness.
Before you descend on some innocent citizens especially from Northern part of Nigeria, who may also be guilty of this unregistered motorcycles that presently work as cyclist in many parts of Lagos. Dont forget they constantly offer cheap fare to lagosians and their day to day contribution to functional lagos transport systems. There is need for some affected states just like Lagos state government agency to urgently enforce the motorcycle registration and licences excise.

Though it may not totally eliminate the fear but its not acceptable to continue to have thousands of these commercial cyclist endanger the city of lagos and most cities. Leaving no clue when the danger strikes. With the security agency, I have learnt how difficult it is to unravel crime with heavy lapses and no clue. I stand to be corrected, you may need to check out their motor cycle number plates as you accost them around your environs afterwards.

Are we ready for the consequence, the economic deflation any terrorist successful activity would send into the lives of Lagosians among others? A stitch in time saves nine. Get the motorcycles registered with verifiable addressees.. – Godwin ROBINSON (2015)

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