From the archives :What goes around comes around ..Breaking of 240,000 bottles of beer in kano

Four years ago
Kwankwanso has a serious case to answer…this action is loaded with implications…this was the way i warned Fashola of the implications of sending destitutes in a disreputable manner across the Niger.This singular action could determine Kwankwansos fate as a national leader.His friends should analyse the whole thing to him. A word is enough for the wise
Police enforcing Islamic law in Kano State on Wednesday destroyed some 240,000 bottles of beer, the latest move in a wider crackdown on behaviour deemed “immoral” in the area.
The bottles had been confiscated from trucks coming into the city in recent weeks, said officials from the Hisbah, the patrol team which enforces the strict Islamic law, known as Sharia.
AFP reports that Sharia enforcers called Hisbah destroyed over 240,000 bottles of beer along with over 8,000 litres of local brew called burukutu.

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