{From 2015 Archives }Unsteady Dance Steps at the market Square/ Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson

Who still dont understand this?
That he said, he is not interested on the NASS leadership do not mean he should relinquish the NASS leadership for the next 4yrs on the hands of a potential foe who may pull the rug when the boss starts rolling out his dance steps and your interest is not fed afterall.

When would Mr Waju realize that the present battle has been fought and lost?

What would it take Mr Waju to realize that his present co-travelers are moles sent to drag his greed and eventually role him on the floor, the Aguyi Ironsi style?

Mr Waju just dont get it.. Are you the only one who dont know all the meetings that took place within and outside the village?
The earlier you go home the better for you. Go home and leak your wound. This game is over. Few days from now, you shall read most of the names you initially disregard become major players in this government.

Since Nuhu Ribadu did not vomit blood, I dont think you Mr Waju should. If you are brave, go home and stop the street drama. The camera does not roll in your favor atall.

This script is strong and the players are not fools. You cant win. The more you drag this, you shall multiply your injury. Did you forget that life has been so fare to you and God has blessed you. A great Destiny is not the once that constantly turn out exactly the way we want, but the once that we can constantly find a comfortable chair to sail all the storms that comes our way.
Yes, It wont work your way forever. Take heart, you called it treachery and betrayal but to be sincere, you have also benefited from similar game.
The Irony is that those claiming to be speaking for you today are aware from the inception the preparation of this shameful dance in the market place. This village is too big to enter your destiny pocket. And the collaboration and resistance on you thickens by the day. Stop seeing Bukky and Yaku, its not them alone. Take heart, there is a tomorrow.- Godwin ROBINSON.

OPEN MARKET FAMILY DANCE.Who still dont understand this?That he said, he is not interested on the NASS leadership do…

Posted by Godwin NdidiAmaka Robinson on Thursday, June 25, 2015

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