Fund the Discos with care/BA

The power ministry is getting N72B from the FGN .It wishes to release this to the 11 DISCO companies to build up their infrastructure to accommodate a “stranded” 2000Mw. This power capability has been stranded for years now.
The whole arrangement is coming with vieled threats of take over of non compliant DISCOS.
This is where the mistake is.
The current debt status of the DISCOS should be established. Their current requirement established and the likely megawatts they will be receiving be clearly spelt out.
Then the amount to be given surgically worked out.
Otherwise the DISCOS will still be at the same point.
The former tricks of diverting federal funds to favored geographical zones should be minimised..this is public power
Anyway let me congratulate the government in advance …At least there is no reason for N175B world bank loan.
This should have been done since 2015

More Details Emerge on FG’s Proposed N72 billion Facility to 11 Discos

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