Gaddafi Ruling Nigeria Even From The Other World/ Alex Agbo

The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR is known to be popular for blame game. In 1983 he blamed middlemen for the decline in the economy under his watch, among other blames. He came back in 2015 to begin the same trend.
On April 11, 2018, Buhari shocked even the most politically naïve by blaming the campaign of carnage in Nigeria by killer herdsmen on the late Libyan maximum ruler, Col Muamar Gaddafi. In his submission in faraway United Kingdom, a supposed sovereign leader is blaming a dead man for a problem he has refused to do anything about.
There is a question that is waiting for Buhari ought to answer and stop thinking he is deceiving the world. If people were trained by a man outside your country and they are now maiming your citizens, what do you do as a pragmatic leader who has an army at his disposal? You sit down and not do nothing, while trying to see who you can blame?
Certain pertinent and mind boggling questions must be answered as corollaries to the above if Buhari must be exonerated from tacitly supporting the carnage going on. There has been nothing that was done by the presidency over this herdsmen issue since 2015. The minister of Agriculture in Buhari’s government told the world that the killers were not Nigerians. If non Nigerians come into Nigeria to kill Nigerians what do you do; grab the lands of Nigerians and give the offenders as appeasement?
In Benue State Buhari was quoted as saying to the mourning people who were bereaved by the bandits, to accommodate strangers. Is that the response suitable for that situatio0n from a proactive president who aims to solve the problem?
His minister of Defence, Mansur Dan Ali was quoted as saying that the people being killed in their native lands were blocking grazing routes o the herders, and that’s why they (supposed Gaddafi trained militia) were killing Nigerians in their homeland, and the government sits with its hands folded.
While the lives of the people are being staked daily, the president and company were busy trying to grab lands belonging to Nigerians and compensating herdsmen. Now more worrisome is the silence of the president over the killings. He has never said anything nor appears to be concerned. But his quick response when cattle are rustled is quite amazing. Sometimes I wonder whether we live in a place where cattle are more valuable to the authorities than the humans.
However, on a second thought I think Buhari is ethnocentric. I will elaborate my point. When Nnamdi Kanu launched and pursued his Biafra idea, under the auspices of Independent People of Biafra, IPOB, the president and his Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai descended on him and his followers with such crushing viciousness that left all of us in awe. The Operation Python Dance was one of the most vicious high handedness against one’s citizens.
So my question is this if the president could deploy such terrible anger against his own people why is he complaining about the herdsmen if there are no other underpinnings in the saga? I know for sure that IPOB didn’t arm themselves to begin to maim people in their homelands, but herdsmen do,
Io don’t believe the argument in some quarters that Buhari is weak. He is just not interested in dislodging them. How do these armed men acquire arm? How do they come into the country? Here do they live? Why has none of them ever been arrested? Why is the government against anyone trying to defend themselves? If the government cannot defend us against criminals what is the crime in defending ourselves?
I think by the time the British Government have asked Buhari these questions, his real motive and role in these would come out. But I know they would not ask. They like it when Africans use religion or ethnic supremacy to demolish their countries. Then the West, having fuelled the crisis, comes to pick the bones.
Blaming Gaddafi will not solve any problem neither will it deceive people like me. I see beyond the unintelligent blame game going on in Nigeria. Gaddafi is dead. And if his army is troubling Nigeria we can deal with them. We have the power, a disjointed band of armed bandits cannot overrun the country and the government blames a dead man. Something is wrong with that position. Something is really wrong.

Gaddafi Ruling Nigeria Even From The Other World/Alex Agbo

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