Garba Shehu Is Belittling The Presidency/Bamgbose

Nigerians are confused as to identify who exactly is in control of the affairs of this nation,” he told DAILY POST

When the Presidency discovered that the statement of Malami could not sail through, Garba Shehu came up to rescue the situation by informing Nigerians that the resolutions of the Southern Governors were of questionable legality

It was equally reported that President Buhari backed Malami’s stand on the resolutions of the Southern Governors. This scenario has clearly shown that the Presidency is highly uncoordinated.

One won’t be wrong to assert that we have multiple presidencies in Nigeria, in essence, we have more than one President in Nigeria.

“In the real sense of it, Buhari may not be in charge. We now have proxies ruling this nation. This is tantamount to the bastardization of the presidency


Why won’t President Buhari who went round the country to campaign, come out and address the nation on a national TV broadcast?

“Garba Shehu has now become the de facto leader of Nigeria. One does not know when he is airing his personal opinion or speaking the mind of the President.

“I think it’s high time President Buhari addressed the nation. Garba Shehu lacks the constitutional right to act as President of Nigeria.

“This confusion in the Presidency must be brought to an end. Its most unfortunate that the office of the Vice President has been relegated to the background. This is a constitutional mess. We need to correct this abnormally in the Presidency

This is why we must have to embrace National dialogue. We need to give room for restructuring of the country.

“Nigerians don’t understand what is going on in the Presidency. Every Dick, Harry, and Tom claim to speak for the Presidency. This is not helping matters. This is belittling the Presidency.”

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