Give us southern games reserves to end conflicts…. Miyetti Allah : Even the games reserves should be protected from robbers and kidnappers/BA

“We have these reserves  across the country, from Bauchi state come down to Ogun state being inhabited by bush meat.  If government can release these reserves to us there won’t be problems between farmers and herdsmen again”, he said.

“I want Buhari not to forget that he too is Fulani; Fulani blood is in his veins and if he does not help us, God will ask him,” he said.
“Where can we go? Even if they give us another settlement, we will accept but I don’t think it will work because we have a recent instance where the Emir of Lafiagi wrote a letter of commendation for one of our people who had stayed for over 20 years in his domain and wanted to relocate. When he got to Oke-Oyi, an outskirt of Ilorin metropolis, the Yoruba people rejected him. So where are we going that they will not chase us away?”, he asked rhetorically.
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