GNR Asks Can We Have Another Sam Mbakwe In Ihedioha? {No He Is Not Intelligent Enough,But Is Better Than Rochas}/BA

IMO STATE: Absolutely Imo Governor elect lacks the very power he seems to be excising. He can’t order any banks to shutdown Imo state operations. Government is continuum.. Ihedioha must be ready to bring on board genuine leadership into Imo state. Though you Okorocha was a huge disappointment. We have to remind Ihedioha how much pain and fraudsters Imo has suffered. Can we have another Sam Mbakwe in Ihedioha?‬

We should not be blind to Nigeria constitution. You don’t wake up to practice falsehood all because you sound Political correct. We can’t manage such ugly consequences./Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson


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