Have Herdsmen Really Seized The Lands in Oben In Orhiowon LGA Edo state?

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Oga Ben they are testing the microphones.
The ruga thing is already in existence in a neighbouring Edo community called Oben in Orhiowon local govt area, the Fulanis have successfully chased away farmers from their area.
There is a border community in Oyo where they are the ones selling land to local farmers.

You don’t believe the one of the Edo community?
However you believe or not that is reality on ground. It is a border community with my home town and we used to farm there those days.
The community leaders do allocate land to our people for farming purposes until the Fulani herders came terrorising the entire area, destroying farmers crops unhindered.
The attempt by the community leaders to call both farmers and herders to the table to resolve the issues resulted to the death of those who went to deliver the summon message to the herders and the crop farmers have to abandoned their farms and crops for the safety of their lives and that’s how it has been since 2016.
I just mentioned Oben and the LGA is Orhiowon Edo state it is in my first post sir i don’t talk from the blues.
I will mention another one in Delta state, Uhweru in Ughelli north LGA and my own community in Idjerhe kingdom but we are able to resist them and forced them to play by rules but not without sacrifice because we lost people as well and there was casualty on both sides.
Oga please what am talking about is entirely different from this scenerio.
My family members were involved and we have been farming in that area for a long time I mean for decades without having issues with the villagers there. We have using their market it is not land documents it is Fulani invasion

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