Helen Paul, BBN contestant educate women on Ajinomoto seasoning

Helen, a brand ambassador and Amosu, also an influencer chef took time to educate the consumers on how to use the seasoning at a Neighbourhood Cookout at Ogbaru.

The duo treated the women to a delightful taste of local bitter leaf soup, using the Ajinomoto seasoning.

The ace comedian, who thrilled the women to an entertaining event, also gave out free cash, souvenirs and seasonings as gifts to spice up the occasion.

In her remarks, Mr Niki Junichi, the Managing Director of West African Seasoning Company Limited (WASCO) which produces seasoning, said the cookout was aimed at sensitizing consumers on the use of the seasoning.

Junachi said, “We conducted a research that suggests there were negative opinions about the Monosodium Glutamate flavoring – Ajinomoto seasoning.

“Women make most decisions in terms of what to buy in the markets especially as it concerns food, so, we feel it is important to educate them that the brand is safe for consumption.

“Our objective is to sensitise them and also change the perception of the people of South East about our product.

“The campaign will continue until people change their mindset and realise that there is no harm in using the brand,’’ he said.

Speaking on the health benefits of Ajinomoto umami seasoning, a nutritionist, Dr Helen Unaeze explained that a lot could be derived from the use of the product.

“First of all, it adds flavor and heighten the natural flavor of food; it also helps in protein and energy synthesis and helps to reduce salt and fat in diet.

“It is pure, produced and packaged from sugarcane under hygienic condition, I urge women to ignore the negative reports said about the product,’’ she said.

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