Human Rights

Help Nigerians in Libya cries Uwakwe-mangse Hanna

When I said Africa is cursed, y’all go with long sermon.
Your pastors with private jets haven’t seen the need to use their jets in Libya.
Bill Gates will never hear that Americans are stranded and keep quiet especially if their government decides not to do anything( which is impossible though)
Africans are generally dark hearted. They lack compassion and this is from the mosque to the church to the babalawo shrine.
We have many rich men in Nigeria, we have many pastors with jets, yet none has seen the need to help.
Samuel Eto is just one person.
While his government kept mute, he rose up and brought his people stranded in Libya home.
Africa is indeed cursed with humans who lack compassion. And like I said, Nigeria is the worst of them all.
Idiots that flew more than 30 jets to a summit in Kenya few years yet silent Now.
Where there in is your heart?
Kingsley Iriogbe you see why we can’t move forward as a continent.
No Other continent on earth would have kept mute like Africa did.

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