Herdsmen Invade Ebonyi LGA..Police Side Herdsmen/ Ngozi Ugorji

Awusa abatago Awka ooh!!

Herdsmen invades my town ooh!! their cows and cattle destroys everything in the farms , youths went to complain to DPO of police in the town and all the youths were arrested and mothers with their children has ran away to nearby towns .. last I heard is the herdsmen has gone to get more cows since the people had ran away!! What is this? FB user Ngozi Ugoji

Nicked from issues chat
Oga Ben, did you hear about what happened in Edda Afikpo south Ebony state.
A friend of mine on facebook said cows invaded and trampled on their crops, and when the youths went to report at the police station, they were all arrested!…She said mothers and children ran away to neighboring villages.

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