Herdsmen killing farmers, raping women – Ogun coalition threatens retaliation

A statement issued on Friday by Coordinator of the group, Prince Ekunola Gbenga, after the YCM emergency meeting in Ayetoro Yewa North Local Government, stated that the presence of herdsmen in the community had heightened tension.

“Just last week, on Yewa aoil, a farmer was killed and another one was also killed in Imeko Afon while protecting their farms. The herdsmen later his farmland on fire”, it said.

“The inhumane and barbaric activities of the herdsmen in Yewaland is becoming alarming and the Federal and state governments have showing lackadaisical attitude towards it.

“These herdsmen should steer clear of Yewaland if their mission is to come and kill innocent citizens. Their deeds are unbecoming and we will engage in self-defence if those at the helm of powers refuse to swing into action.

“Farming is our people’s mainstay. The Hausas/Fulani people rearing cattle here have created too many problems, including killings. They also defile our women and destroy their crops while grazing. They must leave if they cannot live here peacefully or face the wrath we will unleash on them,” they threatened.

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