How Not To Raise Your Children In This Generation

I heard a lot of people say this is how our parents did it, so we’re going to follow in their footsteps. While I do not understand why you can’t make decisions by yourself; since you have more information and are more knowledgeable than your parent’s generation, I would like to help you understand things you shouldn’t be doing at this time and age.

1. Don’t ever raise your children thinking you need to shield them from sex talk.

All the “if a man touches you  you will get pregnant ” is an obsolete way to teach a child that sex leads to pregnancy. Use age appropriate language and teach both gender what having sex means and its consequences.

2. Do not ever teach your daughters alone the importance of chores just because they have to get married.

You need to teach both male and female, the importance of doing chores because it’s a survival skill. Everybody needs to do chores because we are humans and we need clean homes, good food and organized life.

3. Choosing career or forcing them to follow them in your own career path is a double NO. They are not you and may not be like you. They may not want what you want and should be happy with what they want. Your duty is to guide them.

4. Having opposite sex as friends are normal. Don’t think that they are having sex or they are corrupt.. Just be their guide.

5. Don’t ever give your kids reasons to believe you don’t trust them  All these parents going to conduct virginity test and pregnancy tests every month when your children are not even sexually active. Searching your son’s room as a sting operation because you think it’s the right thing to do is a double NO.

6. Do not choke their independence  Give them some freedom to decide little things that will form their personality so you don’t drive them into adulthood with low self esteem. Allow them to grow on their own. Always remember that your duty is to guide not to police them.


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