How the mighty Falls! Marshal Sampson On Akpabio

How the mighty Falls! The votes all around Akwa Ibom clearly shows that PDP is sweeping everywhere and that is what convinced me that the rumour going round that Godswill Akpabio lost to Chris Ekpenyong, a former deputy governor of the state is true. Moreover, i just spoke with an APC ward leader (Yes i have good relationship with them even though i am opposed to their win. We don’t do what many of you do to each other on facebook). He agreed that Akpabio has lost. The painful thing about his ‘loss’ (yet to be announced) is that he ‘lost’ to one of the men he claimed lured him to decamp to APC. As soon as Akpabio moved to APC, Chris moved to PDP and contested for the same seat in the senate. How do i know he deceived Akpabio? Few weeks after Akpabio decamped, news on Inspiration FM had it that Chris condemned a remark by Akpabio that he (Chris) made him leave the PDP only for them to do the opposite of what he was promised. Today, we have a new master in the game. I truly feel for him. Life Goes On


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