How will OBJ manage to create a new opposition without pdp?/ Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson

Obj knows the absence of a functional opposition is the mortuary of every democracy. But he has a problem accepting PDP as a meaningful opposition. So he wants to build another opposition less than two years to another general election.
Among the questions to ask OBJ is, is today’s democracy the version you think best for Nigerians?
Why won’t your generation accept this Nigeria can become great without you guys, despite all your afflictions on her, without contesting your huge benefit from Nigeria?
To the best of your knowledge, do you think the present Nigeria you complained the other day about Nepotism and murdered federal character will not implode, seeing ethno-religious sentiments are raised to power 10alredy?
What kind of Nigeria do you guys want to handover to us? How do we move on with this present management model you have infused in our mindset, all the Disintegration demons are exhumed across the land, sucking blood and troubling the Country?
Nigeria history shall keep your place forever but some of you shall be remembered as the worst and most wicked who did all within their office to build ethnic interest, did all to expand religious interest and never fathered fellow countrymen outside their local community nor does the life of other Nigerians matter to them even in avoidable death..
OBJ can Nigeria survive you and your generation after all, how United can we ever be without deep distrust and suspicions towards each other. Are you not handing over a greater problem to us?

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