Human Rights

I believe God could use me to change my rapist’s life —Elvina Ibru

Lending some words of advice to rape victims, Ibru said, “You mustn’t be scared of what people are going to say because it is not your fault. I got a lot of snide remarks when I revealed my experience; some people said I was looking for attention. Meanwhile, it is because of talks like that, that many victims don’t report rape incidents. I wish everybody has a strong family like mine because I had people I could lean on. Unfortunately, not everybody has that kind of support system. Nevertheless, they need to find strength within themselves; otherwise, rapists would keep getting away with the dastardly act without any repercussion.”

Speaking on what gave her the confidence to speak up when she did, she said, “I just wanted to help people who had similar experiences. After I shared my experience, many women wrote to me that I had given them the courage to speak out about similar things they had gone through. We, women, have to stick together. But a lot of the time, it is women that even blame the victims. In my case, when I went to the hospital, it was a female doctor that asked me what I was wearing when the rape took place. That was preposterous because it didn’t matter what I wore because I was in my house. So far, a woman doesn’t give her consent for sex, that is rape.”

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