“I don’t know how a believer will sit down in any place of authority (in Nigeria) and be looking like Mumu’- Bishope Oyedepo

-Bishop David Oyedepo

*Says ‘I don’t know how a believer will sit down in any place of authority (in Nigeria) and be looking like Mumu’.
* Adds ‘We Never had it so bad’.
*Insists ‘I warned you but you never heard’.

In the words of Bishop Oyedepo:

‘Now all this boko haram in the name of Fulani herdsmen, the power of God will blast them.
I say to them…..Too Late!

Shooting people in the Church! Their generation will be forgotten.
Killing the Priests of God! Everyone of them will end up in shame.

This is an evil government!
I curse them-everyone (at the root of) this evil.
I curse them in Jesus name.
Everyone of them is silenced.

Everyone that won’t let the Church rest.
Everyone that won’t let the nation rest.
Their rest is taken from them.
1 Chronicles 20:12,23-24.
In the name of Jesus, this gangup will fail’.

Continuing, he said:

In Benue today where the 2 Priests were killed, not everyone will go to Church because a troubler or troublers are coming. They will be looking up and down.
Every force sent to trouble the Church, God will trouble them.

This is an Islamic uprising, this is a strategic jihad.
Herdsmen have always been here.

In 2006, my keynote speech was-A wake up call to a nation on the brink of collapse.

I have said it before-if you are not angry with the wicked, you are wicked.
God is angry with the wicked everyday.
The peace of those promoting this wickedness, God is taking away.
Their supplies shall dry up.
Nigeria shall not see war.

There is no day this country called Nigeria will become an Islamic State-Never!
It is impossicant!
There is no day when Nigeria as one nation will become an Islamic nation. Write it down…

Everybody be warned, whether in power or not in power.
There is no day Nigeria will become an Islamic nation and remain one nation.

When Armed Robbers come to your house, do you take permission from government to attack them?

We are not just believers, we are soldiers of Christ.
We are not dummies.
We are spiritual soldiers.
Everyone who won’t let this nation Nigeria rest/take them out (prayers).

Jeremiah 29:7

Now they are defending the rights of herdsmen against genuine farmers, you run your cattle on my farm to graze-and you still kill me on top of it.
It has never been this bad.

I warned you before but you never heard.

Today PVC are no longer available.
People line up from morning to night-no PVC.
What a wicked system.

I don’t know how a believer will sit down in any place of authority and be looking like ‘Mumu’ said the man of God.

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