I dont know who is worse now..Buhari or Ogbeh?/BA

I dont know who
is worse now..Buhari or Ogbeh.

I dont know who failed to give them a small advice since both of them are leading us into trouble.
How can you be carrying the idea of reserves for cows running into hundreds of square kilometres. and abandon the idea of hundreds of ranches. What will happen to enclosures of these sizes. Armed robbers..kidnappers etc will take over the land and we will back to using resources to eject them.Sambisa is coming to your mind abi. If you ask they say there are forest rangers.Army no fit defeat BH no fit reclaim sambisa na rangers go come defeat another set of crazy people. The worst aspect is that Buhari thinks by restricting herdsmen we are denying that they are Nigerians.We wey be Nigerians…wetin we dey gain?. i dey vex badly.


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