I govern the people ,i govern their money mentality still survives since 1979


Gwandu Local Government of Kebbi says suspected robbers have stolen over N9 million meant for the payment of April salary of workers of its Departments of Health and Agriculture.
“The incident happened when the Cashier of the area, Alhaji Bashir Gwandu, collected the money from the bank and went to his house.
Nothing will come out of this…i served in the north…and occassionally i would travel to some other nearby states. i remember one case where the local government chairman and the council members come to office to hold a meeting only when the allocation arrives.
The Chairman will send a message to all of them saying “kudi ya zo”
And they will come trooping down and share what ever is left after paying salaries of the secretariat .
irked i tried to find out. I got the most unbelieveable reason commonly accepted.
That they look after the people ..feed them..clothe them, pay school fees….so its better the money is kept with them.
I know they dont clothe them or pay their school fees…and i know free food in their houses is during festivals.
I am surprised that decades after…this mentality is still there.
This cashier took the N9million home because there is no distinction between him ..his father in law and the public money. And the state governor may not even be better.

For the old and remembers Alhaji Sabo Bakin Zuwo former governor of Kano. He was famously said to bemused to be accused of corruption because three million Naira cash was found in state house. And he is alleged to have quipped “government money for government house”

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