If I See You In Your Land Again, I Will Kill You – Lagos Land Grabber, Shina Okunlomo Warns My Clients

When I read Senior, Monday Ubani’s story on how government backed land grabbers invaded his client’s land and continued building on it notwithstanding Court and CofO, I honestly thought he was talking about my clients ordeal in the hands of Notorious Land Grabbers who claims being backed by Powerful People.

This issue of taking over other peoples land by force must be treated with the same criminal punishment as kidnaping and armed robbery.

And the painful part is that security agencies and government establishment seems either helpless or supporting the land grabbers.

Back to my clients continuing ordeal.

On 23rd December 2020, while my clients were preparing for their Christmas celebrations, artisans working on their property somewhere near Military Cantonment Ojo Lagos reported to them that one Shina Okunloma A.K.A Alhaji Adeshina Teslim Jelili, a notorious land grabber invaded their property with tens of armed thugs and attacked them.

When my clients went to their property, the bold and confident land grabber told them “ I don’t care how you people got this land or the document you have, but if I see you guys in this property again, I will end you. So if you love your lives, don’t near this area again. This is Lagos and we own this place”.

I got briefed.

I forwarded a petition immediately to The Police Area Commander, Area E, FESTAC Town to stop the trespass, breach of peace and threat to life. Surprisingly, the Police looked like they are afraid of the almighty Shina Okunlomo.

When police finally invited him like a king, he was treated like a royalty.

Instead of thorough investigation on my clients’ criminal complaints against the land grabber, Police asked all parties to sign “undertaking to maintain peace”.

Following day, Land Grabber is back on the property erecting structures day and Night and police refused to do anything.

As I Make this post, the Land grabber is fully in my clients’ property erecting structures without any title document to the land.

A friend told me that this land grabbing business is an organized criminal syndicate operating like kidnap gangs with active state personnel support.

We will hit the courts immediately the break is over.

But it is sad that Nigeria has become a place where the state looks away while powerful criminal individuals take over other “less powerful people’s” properties without any fear of consequence.

Dear Governor Sanwo-Olu, Don’t be the governor that will be remembered for allowing criminal syndicate grab other peoples properties while you look away. Many Lagosians are losing their properties daily to land grabbers.

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