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If my wife is available, I’ll never bathe my daughters, says Morayo Afolabi-Brown’s husband

Femi Afolabi-Brown, the husband of television presenter, Morayo, has said that he would never bathe his daughters if his wife or any other female is available.

Mr. Afolabi-Brown was reacting to the statement made by his wife on live television that, as much as she trusts her husband, she wouldn’t allow him to bathe their daughter.

While his wife has apologised to him over the statement on live television due to the backlash it generated, Mr Afolabi-Brown on his Instagram handle, @brown_katibi, and Facebook page, told his followers not to worry about what his wife said.

He noted that his wife’s statement did not insinuate that he was a child molester but the “most negative of souls twisted her statement and ran with it.”

He shared a collage of his crying wife on live television and said, “You need not fret about what my wife said on TV.

“My wife never in any way suggested I was a child molester. She stated her trust in her husband, then said she wouldn’t allow her husband to bathe her daughters.

“Then the most negative of souls twisted her statements and ran with it. But if you notice, the enlightened ones among the commenters understood her message and agreed with her.

“Well, here is my take. I tell my daughters never to let any man put them on his laps, or touch them in certain places, or hold them in certain ways, or even see their nakedness.

“I personally extended those rules to myself to reinforce the instruction. That is the modus operandi I have chosen in raising my own daughters.

“My wife merely spoke on TV as if she made those rules. Her mistake.

“In a nutshell, as long as my wife or a female person is available, I shall never bathe any of my daughters. Why should I, for God’s sake?

“Others can be doing that in their own houses, but not in my house.”


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