The Igbo Family provision for the girl Child is grossly inadequate. She is conspiredly shortchanged..

That her Future is dumped on the laps of her husband alone and nothing much from her Father’s home is archaic and should be thrown to the trash..

This Agrarian era practice still operational in most Igbo families today is not in tune with modern realities when you consider the place of timing and some economic factors too.

It pushes somany of the girls to quickly vacate her father’s house even unto the wrong hands. Without adequate time to properly do the needful. Should we not damage this practice?

This single subject crying for review has driven most of our precious daughters away from a loved marriage to becoming mere appendage and baby making mates in some homes..

You may not want to imagine this episode but to stay in a marriage and helplessly waiting and wishing to be truly loved could take away more than 70% of the fellows lifespan.. Marriage without genuine love is still a disaster.

We should do all within us to save our girl children from crashing into such ends, as the status quo is against all Natural Justice on equity..

We must not only celebrate the Supreme Court Judgment sometime ago on this matter but Great IGBO father’s should be honest to take it further to full enforcements integration.. It is a huge privilege to arrive the earth a girl child and potential mother of Nations..

If you are blessed like some, a lot of Girl children are today’s life wire to their parents even through old age..

The girl child sustains their parents old age on good welfare frequency, adequate love, healthcare and food supplies..

While some of the male children are good too but some are such disaster that they abandon their parents to die in regrets hunger and sickness..

You see some only send home a bag of rice and some pennies during Christmas and once in a year, while placing their girl friends on monthly and weekly financial allowances.

As they stayback in town to live the best lives with their wives, children and friends..

As we address this imbalance natural justice would have been executed and the ripples effects and benefits would go a long way..

– Godwin Nnamnadindu ROBINSON

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